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Premier custom made clothing for men

What does it mean to be an ICON?

Being an ICON is more than just being a celebrity or being famous. It’s about developing a personal brand. Creating a timeless image that stands apart from the rest.

It’s about having a dominant and unique image that others aspire to achieve.

Our aim at ICON BESPOKE extends far beyond making beautiful clothing. Our passion is to help each one of our clients to discover their own personal brand and build a custom wardrobe that promotes their singularity.

ICON BESPOKE is more than luxury, more than beauty, more than power, it’s about letting the rest of the world know who you are, and what you stand for.

If you want to command the level of respect and attention that is synonymous with the level of excellence you deliver in your profession, then you are an ICON in the making.

  • 25 years experience within the custom clothing industry
  • All custom garments made in Europe
  • The highest quality of wool fabrics ranging from 140S to 200S
  • A unique 33-point measurement combination to give an impeccable fit
  • 15 most ICONic styles of the century