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Sport Jackets

Custom made sport jackets from Europe

When you purchase garments from ICON BESPOKE, you can rest assure that each piece will fit the way it should and how you want it to. Our measuring system enables us to take complete control of how your clothing fits. This is something that you will not be able to find with an off-the-rack garment.

Your custom sport jacket, custom suit and custom dress shirts have many critical components to insure a great look and a proper fit. When you consider all of the features available, you can create a garment that is as unique as you are without compromising the fit.

You will have complete control on every detail of your garments: from the lapel style and width, the style and number of pockets, the kind of vents (side, center or none), to the actual length of the jacket. Let the professionals at ICON BESPOKE guide you through the process of completing your iconic wardrobe.

Custom sport jackets styles

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