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Bespoke Suits

Custom made suits from Europe

There are suits and there are ICON BESPOKE suits. Thanks to its fit and drape, a great suit is unmistakable from a hundred yards away, but only up close can it be truly appreciated. At short range, the details and craftsmanship become obvious. An ICON BESPOKE suit is something you put on and forget about because it's effortless to wear. It's easy for a casual observer to notice a suit's effect on its wearer, but it's even easier to overlook the fact that each seam and stitch carries with it knowledge passed down for generations. We combine our custom suits' details, along with our various makes and fabric collections, with closely guarded construction methods. We are a true custom design house, every suit starts from its own unique paper pattern. The attention to detail from the ground up gives us the ability to create the perfect tailor made suit.

Our custom suits include the following details:

  • Hand stitched detail on lapels, pockets, sleeves;
  • 5-buttonned sleeves;
  • Active sleeve buttons;
  • Non-active pant back pockets;
  • Ticket pocket

Bespoke suits styles

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